A story of Hatred and Duplicity

Karen de la Carriere


Jeffrey Augustine

Anyone who watches Scientology has probably noticed that as of late there have been a lot of accusations lobbed back and forth between various members of the community. Several of the accusations being made surround the behavior of one Karen de la Carriere. Karen is the former wife of Heber Jentzsch the President of the Church of Scientology. These accusations have been levied against her by long-time Scientology executive Mark “Marty” Rathbun who has long sense left the Church and was its number one adversary before seemingly deciding that he didn’t want to spend his life fighting all the time anymore. I have no knowledge of these accusations and will let Marty speak for himself on those.

There have also been accusations made against her by commenters on Marty’s blog who have their own personal experiences with Karen. The most compelling comes from Sam Freeman who accuses Karen of having Jeffrey write thousands of appreciative comment responses on Marty’s blog and badgering people for likes. While I personally am only a casual acquaintance of her’s on Facebook these accusations ring true to me based on Karen’s public persona. All one has to do is look at the woman to tell she likes attention. This observation is bolstered by the frequency with which she posts repetitive and inane posts across multiple Facebook groups despite those groups containing almost identical member lists. She frequently copies stories that have already been archived over at ESMB and posts them in groups whose members are surely capable of Googling to find the ESMB thread if they really needed to access that information. These stories are all broken up and posted with unrelated stock photos that she collects to make the posts more eye catching. The constant stream of these posts make me wonder: does Karen have anything else to do with her time? I’ve heard stories that she’s a successful art dealer but I do not know a single person who is successful at anything that posts on social media as much as she does.

A majority of these posts are made in a “top secret” group called The Outer Banks. The Outer Banks functions as a sort of “club” for Karen to collect all the people who adore and worship her. Whenever members of The Outer Banks take a break from the various activities designed to stroke Karen’s ego they amuse themselves by engaging in hateful mockery of anyone they deem to be “less enlightened” than they. No one is off limits from this mockery provided you give them even the slightest fodder to go on. To be sure Karen and her Kept Man Jeffrey encourage this as well with Jeffrey even going so far as to maintain a “satire” blog where he viciously attacks anyone who has even the slightest vulnerability. Karen regularly exhorts people to “laugh with her” at individuals who are not present to defend themselves.

After witnessing all of this I decided it was time to take action. Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine should not be allowed to secretly malign and slander individuals and entice others to do the same for their own egotistical benefit. To that end I created a false Facebook account and infiltrated it into the Outer Banks for the explicit reason of making their behavior known. Below is a curated collection of screenshots with comments. All the images posted here may also be downloaded by individuals interested in archiving them. I encourage all to mirror them since I am sure Karen and Jeffrey will endeavor to have this blog taken down.

It bears mentioning that what I have posted here is only a small sampling of the hatred mockery and ego-stroking that goes on in the Outer Banks. It would be impossible to collect and catalogue it all. This in and of itself speaks to just how much time and effort this group goes to to tear down others for its own amusement.

So with no further ado: Welcome to The Outer Banks.

Karen and the admins claim that the Outer Banks is a secret group and that no information is to be shared from this group. Of course, Karen makes only the bare minimum attempts to ensure that this secrecy is maintained. The Facebook account I used to infiltrate is only two weeks old and it took me only three flattering messages to Karen for her to invite me without my even mentioning it.

Further review shows that Karen has added a majority of the group’s members. How many other accounts has she let in with practically no scrutiny? Take a look at the member list and see for yourself.

And the admins who specifically allow this “secret group” full of bashing.


Karen exhorting people to “please laugh with me.” This is one of many posts in which she asks people to laugh at individuals who are not able to say anything in their own defense. Of course this only further reinforces how wrong Karen’s own ideas about herself are. She is so proud of herself for catching this “OSA attempt” to get to her but as we’ve already established it only takes a bit of flattery to get into Karen’s secret clubhouse.

Karen starts “the story of Cowboy,” which she splits into 12 (at last count) posts. Many of these posts are accompanied by random stock photos of cowboys/cowboy imagery to make the posts more eye-catching and garner her more likes/comments to feed her ego.

Karen loves to flaunt her friendships with journalists.

 Steven Mango.

Bashing people has been a favorite pastime of The Outer Banks for a while now.

More bashing.

The group makes some attempts at being civil and Karen enforces civility towards Dan Koon but lets people denigrate others.

Of course that civility does not extend to Dan’s friends if they have done something to displease Queen Karen.

In fact Karen is really quite an uncivilized person when the mood strikes. The mood must have struck hard when she made this post comparing the Office of Special Affairs to the San Bernadino shooter. To date OSA has not carried out a single mass murder.

At this point I’ve grown tired of writing captions. There are only so many times that you can point out how self-important petty and even downright cruel someone is before it gets depressing. I’ll post more at a later date so check back.


10 thoughts on “Welcome to The Outer Banks!

  1. Do you have anything about them talking about us, Mike or Virginia McClaughry? Because we have been told twice now, by two members of this Outer Banks group, about how Karen, Jeff, and even Tony Ortega will all chime in to squelch anything good said about us, or even if someone just posts a link to our blog.


      1. A person that contacted me recently said they saved screen shots of what happened at this group (about us) in November of 2015.

        So, is what you have not going back that far?

        Because if it is, then it must have been deleted.

        I guess I’ll contact this person and see if they are willing to go public with what they have.


      2. Yes, I’ve been keeping track of the awesome work that you’ve been doing exposing Karen as well. I’m glad that she’s finally got her comeuppance in the form of people exposing her for the lying, manipulating hypocrite that she is.


      3. I’m going to put a link to your site in the links section on this blog. Perhaps you could do the same with my site? People ought to know that there are several people exposing Karen’s viciousness and lies.


      4. Thanks! I was going to load up the screenshot you took of the five admins since it’s relevant to my post, and include the link to your site as the source of the image – I just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. But, I will.



    1. I’m in most ways a harsh critic of Hubbard and Scientology, but I enjoy your site, and have learned a lot and even bought books and it’s cleared up territory that I used to read about, years ago, and re-reading those same areas, intel history stuff, together piecing together what I lived (I was an US Army “dependent” and lived at two locations where intel community personnel were also stationed), I have interest in sorting through the history details. As I age, I understand more of what I didn’t understand earlier in life, and adult education, and continuing reading, particularly “non fiction” reading I find most satisfying and educational. So thanks, and thanks again for Mike’s all time great interviews, which I think were done with Stacey Young Brooks, correct? Those interviews are priceless role model ex member interviews, thankyou for those.


  2. Jeffrey Augustine is significantly younger than Karen de la Carriere, correct? Her son is unfortunately dead. Who will inherit her money?


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