As I expected shortly after publishing my revelations my sock account was unceremoniously kicked out of The Outer Banks. That’s okay though because in the time I was there I made a few friends who agree with the issues that I have. They’ve told me a lot has gone on since this website was first published.

Ever since I left the group all posts related to this site have been forbidden. They also refuse to allow any information that has ‘come from OSA.” My source tells me that they haven’t exactly been clear about how that standard will be applied. To me it sounds more like a way to broadly censor anything that they don’t like. When questions about this were raised by another user that user was unceremoniously told in so many words to shut up. That same user raised complaints that individuals ought to have the right to know that there information is out there. These complaints were also shut down. The mods have also changed the rules to forbid any talk of Marty Rathbun clearly out of shame at having been caught bashing him.

Obviously this is exactly what I predicted. I have known all along that Karen would clamor to cover all this up. She has no concerns for the things that she claims to care about in her ridiculously bad YouTube videos. For all her crowing about free speech she doesn’t seem to care much about it. She is so desperate to control her image that she is hiding all of this so people won’t realize how naive and stupid she is. She’s covering it up so that people won’t realize that all it takes is a little bit of flattery to get close to her.

Never fear though. Your narrator will be continuing to publish disclosures about the things going on behind Karen’s Iron Curtain. Her attempts at censorship are only making more people start to see through her. The Outer Banks is turning out to be a rather fortuitous name because the whole group is leaking like a ship run aground on those Carolina shores.


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