In light of many of the accusations that have been made public at Marty Rathbun’s blog I have decided that some of them should be highlighted here in a way that draws more attention to just how dangerous Karen de la Carriere and her Kept Man really are.

One of the posts at Marty’s blog highlights the fact that Karen was willing to pay Marty to publish information about Ron Miscavige Sr having raped someone. Karen didn’t want the accusation associated with her name so she asked Marty to do it. She wanted to use this information to discredit Ron Miscavige Sr who was still in the church at the time. Now however Karen is fully on the side of Ron Miscavige Sr despite wanting to hurt him in the past. Could this be because Karen has collected Ron and wants to use his celebrity to increase her own status in the community?

It wouldn’t be the first time that Karen has stuck up for men who abuse women as a method of protecting one of her collection. In the past she’s done it with a man named David Love. A comment left by Marisa Sigmund on Marty’s blog tells about being harassed by David Love only to have Karen stand up for him.


After taking Karen and her cretins to task for their disgusting cover up of David Love’s abuse Marisa also revealed that she receives blackmail from individuals associated with Karen as well.


So that’s how Karen operates. She uses incidents of sexual assault to get her way when those incidents can be used as a salacious piece of gossip to discredit someone. When it benefits her to stand by an abusive asshole she is more than happy to do so.

Which begs the question what’s the difference between enabling abuse and committing it in the first place? And why does Karen de la Carriere seem to think that rape is a thing to be used for likes/attention when it happens to one person (see our last post), but something to be denied and hushed up when it happens to another? The answer appears to be that Karen does not care about the victims of rape as much as she cares about exploiting their experiences for personal gain.


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