One only has to observe Karen de la Carriere for a short while to recognize her MO. It is obvious that since she has left the Church of Scientology she has begun building her own replica of the organization she once belonged to. She is doing this because she cannot handle being a regular person with no one to boss around or command reverence from.

Karen cannot abide giving someone else the last word. This frequently clashes with her need to appear as if she is not directly the actions of all her minions. Karen has this figured out though. She has found her own personal attack dog in a man named Mark Plummer.

Discussion of the Outer Banks and their secretive ways has continued over at Mark Rathbun’s blog. His most recent post has several comments made by Mike and Virginia McClaughry regarding the unceremonious kicking out of Scott Gordon for whistleblowing on Karen’s censorship. No sooner is The Outer Banks mentioned than Mark Plummer shows up to insist that it was Scott who had done something wrong not Karen or the Outer Banks mods.

mark plummber comments.png

Obviously no response was given as to why it is okay for Karen to ban even the mere mention of certain people books or subjects from the Outer Banks. The focus must always be on the wrong-doing of the other person. Given the glut of information that has come out in the past month regarding Karen’s need to direct other individuals and their actions have no doubt that she put him up to all this.

Several people have confronted him about the so-called ‘secret’ nature of The Outer Banks but those comments have not yet received replies. This is probably because there are no  good answers.


One has to wonder what kind of texts exist between Karen de la Carriere and Mark Plummer?


2 thoughts on “Mark Plummer: Karen de la Carriere’s Attack Dog

  1. G’day!

    I noticed that Michelle Sterling is a member of the outer banks. Is this the same Michelle I know from Down Under? The photograph is definitely her.

    Michelle was a prostitute who worked at the Masquerades, Daily Planet and massage parlours in Melbourne. The scores, and I am one of them, that rooted with her knew her as Brittany. You always had to tarp up when rooting with Michelle.

    We smoked herb and got pissed many times.


  2. If Mark Plummer would have focused his life in finding a job and earning his living he would have been a better man today. Instead he tries to sell his COS memorabilia to anyone that offers him a few bucks. His buddy Mark Bunker is in the same boat with the exception that he has been scamming the critics for a lot of money.

    They are just lazy fucks who do Karen’s bidding.


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