Jeffrey Augustine accused Mike McClaughry of believing in conspiracy theories and Karen de la Carriere said that McClaughry is hallucinated.

I discovered that Jeffrey wrote a book and this is how he describes himself:

“Raised a Christian, Jeffrey Augustine lost his faith at age 21 when he was in university studying to be a minister. After losing his faith he began to intensely study and practice Zen Buddhism. One day on a drive into the mountains, Augustine was hit with a bolt out of the blue. He had a staggering insight about the event that caused the Big Bang and its implications for human Consciousness. Augustine had what he describes as a “massive download from Infinity” wherein he saw everything. It took a long time to unfold this download and put it into book form. Along the way, Augustine became a Master Mason and a Knight Templar. A scientific lighting expert by profession, Augustine has worked on lasers, medical devices, UV-C water treatment, and even lighted the prototype of a space vehicle. The author lives in Los Angeles with his wife Karen de la Carriere, an extraordinary woman who was once a very high ranking member of the Church of Scientology. Karen is now an activist who speaks out against the abuses of the Church of Scientology. Jeffrey Augustine is a noted critic of the Church of Scientology who writes online under the pseudonym J. Swift. Augustine’s unusually wide bandwidth in spirituality and technology has culminated in What Caused the Big Bang?”

In another book he wrote:

“The Masonic Pyramid adorns the US one dollar bill and yet almost nothing is known about this symbol. What would one find if they went inside and explored the Masonic Pyramid? In this book, the author — a Master Mason and Knight Templar — takes the reader on a vivid journey inside of one of the most interesting symbols in the world. A treasure is found inside of the Masonic Pyramid. This treasure is secret knowledge about the origins of our universe. This knowledge shows a powerful new way to conceive of how our universe and you yourself came into existence. This gnosis, or hidden knowledge, frees people from the intractable debate between Creationism and the the Big Bang. This book is a truly enjoyable read for people who enjoy complexity, alternative realities, and love unraveling a mystery. Note: This book does not represent any official Masonic views nor is it endorsed by any Masonic body. The book rather embodies the spiritual adventure and insights of an individual Mason and Knight Templar.”

I suspected that Jeffrey was a bit off, but after reading the above description I have no doubt that he is missing a few marbles. What I don’t understand is how can Tony Ortega trust such a nut job as a “reliable source” for his articles.


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