Do I need to say whose Karen’s most precious trophies are?

But reporters of course!

She parades them to her buddies as soon as she manages to capture one of them. Meet her latest conquest: Andy Tillett. My friends still keeping an eye on things in The Outer Banks have forwarded me these screenshots from her introduction of Tillett where she brags about how much *FUN* they had when they spent an afternoon together. Does her bragging know no bounds?

01-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 02-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 03-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 04-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 05-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 06-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 07-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 08-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 09-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 10-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 11-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 12-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 13-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 14-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 15-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 16-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 17-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 18-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 19-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 20-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 21-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy 22-karen-de-la-carriere-andy-tillett-trophy






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