Message Received


One of our reader’s sent us a message on Twitter and we present it to you here unfiltered.

I wanted to write more but it would take a few hundred tweets to get it all across and there’s no limit to characters here in messages so I hope you don’t mind me sending you one.

I am a “member” of a number of exscio groups on FB and as you mentioned I was added to them mostly by others. A couple I joined myself. Be that as it may recent goings on have  me totally baffled.

When I started reading Marty’s blog years ago when he first started it it was clear to me that he had left the church but he was still very much a believer in Scientology and the tech and L Ron Hubbard. I was nearly kicked off his blog for posting truth about Rons bullshit service record and siting earlier “religions” that he outright stole from and never credited and for suggesting that Scientology was a crock of shit. In nicer words mostly. (I don’t mean to offend you if you are a believer, but I can only speak my truth about Ron and his supposed tech.)

I have met Karen a couple of ones in real life. I have a lot of feelings about those encounters. Mostly of pity. I see her as the saddest result possible from Scientology. A broken person who lost her son twice, once when she left him in the Sea Org and again when he ODed and died far too young. As a mother I feel for her in this area.

As you know I started very publicly speaking out about 3 years ago. When I did this I had know idea that I was stepping into a high school click sort of thing where there were divided groups of people who didn’t agree with one another about almost anything. And if you are friends with so and so then you can’t be friends with this other person. I left Scientology to escape bullshit like that.  So I just don’t give a shit. I give my 2 cents where I have some knowledge that can be helpful. I only speak out to get truth out there. Why else do it?

Thank you to the person who sent us this message. We promise all of our readers who wish to sends us their feelings either through our website or Twitter anonymity.


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