One of the things that is interesting about the Outer Banks is that Karen de la Carriere is not the founding admin. Karen swooped in and took control of a group that she didn’t start. The original admin is a guy named Ronnie Stacy. Ronnie clearly agrees with Karen’s leadership style of hypocrisy and censorship though and the below screenshots prove it.

After a group-wide rule that no discussion of Marty was to be had to prevent people from posting ‘OSA propaganda’ Michelle Sterling was allowed to post with Ronnie’s explicit permission.

When asked about the censorship Ronnie pulled a move typical of Kare, ignored the entheta and block the person..

Here is a comment that a poster, obviously from Australia, posted over a month ago about Michelle.

“G’day! I noticed that Michelle Sterling is a member of the outer banks. Is this the same Michelle I know from Down Under? The photograph is definitely her. Michelle was a prostitute who worked at the Masquerades, Daily Planet and massage parlours in Melbourne. The scores, and I am one of them, that rooted with her knew her as Brittany. You always had to tarp up when rooting with Michelle. We smoked herb and got pissed many times.”


Karen let’s Michelle get away with bending the rules because they are birds of a feather.


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