Roderick Keller Stifling Free Speech


A few days ago I published an article concerning Roderick Keller. Apparently Rod doesn’t like to be criticized or be exposed for the hypocrite that he is. Rod complained with WordPress about my article. Don’t worry the page was mirrored by several friends of mine.

Rod is a member of the cultic Facebook group that call themselves Outer Banks – it is a secret group.

Roderick Smith Keller is the IT/Litigation Support at Pepper Hamilton LLP.

Here are some of the links I found about Rod:

Rod also runs the blog blog.  He infiltrated several of his  victims’ social media circles, and that’s how he manages to “find” the latest news which he then feeds to his master, Tony Ortega, or to the Outer Banks vultures. Rod’s false Facebook identity is Roy Walker,

In the 90’s Rod neglected the care of his own parents, who lived in a house in need of repair and they were brought to court in August 1990 because of the conditions of the house, I found a copy of the suit and I will scan it and post it.

There is more, according to a internet posting, about Rod’s parents:
“After the nude bathing in the creek incident promoted a call to local police by the parents of the two young girls Mr. Keller exposed himself to, the Keller household was entered. When the police discovered the stacked cans of human urine in the house health department personnel were summoned there. After their inspection of the deplorable conditions in the house, the premises were ordered evacuated until brought up to local health codes.”


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