On December 12th 2016 Amy Scobee tweeted out a pair of photos of a white vehicle. She claimed that the person filmed her as she walked by. In her tweet she alluded to the person in this vehicle being a PI for Scientology.

Amy’s followers took to twitter to comment about how she was being intimidated by hired guns who were likely paid for by Scientology.

One of Amy’s followers even suggested that she started carrying a weapon to protect herself from stalkers like the person in the car.

Fast forward to today where Tony Ortega himself published a post where he identifies the person in the vehicle in Amy’s tweets and accuses him of stalking Amy Scobee.


Tony has since taken this post down but here’s the part where he targets Corey Steele.

What. A. Helluva. Guy.

Today, Steele, 64, lists himself as “Personal Injury medical/legal coordinator” at the law offices of Ron Norman in Sherman Oaks, California.

We sent email messages to Ron Norman, Corey Steele, and to Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw, hoping they’d call us so we could discuss Mr. Steele’s excellent qualifications for a Freedom Medal. We’ll let you know if they get back to us.

We also asked Amy Scobee about yet another attempt by Scientology to tail her and get her on camera.

“What are they trying to prove? What are they trying to do? If they think they’re going to intimidate me into silence, it’s not going to work. It just shows how desperate and slimy they are,” she says, and she assures us that such tactics aren’t going to stop her and Mat.

“It might work on other people, but it’s not working on us.”

Ortega’s followers instantly took to the comment section to rip Mr. Steele apart. Here’s a selection of some of them:

Bobby Tolberto: He needs to ditch the necklace, it’s sooo 1978.

Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner: Corey L. Steele leaves a trail of slime in his wake wherever he goes. Someone sue him for creating slip hazards.

Asillem4: Sorry but he looks like the kind of ‘cool old guy’ [in his own imagination] who tries to pick up college girls at the beach while they’re catching a tan in their skimpy bikinis.

Draco: And the ambulance chaser is caught with his pants down in public!

Jeffrey Augustine: Why is Scientology wasting Steele’s talents by having him spy on Amy? Based upon the ruling of the CA State Bar, Steele is natural born Scientology registrar!

Graham: What a moron. Uses his own vehicle and allows himself to be clearly identified. Looks like the stalker got stalked.

Johnny Tank: This is what happens when you think you are superior to mere wogs. This dude just got Ortega’d.

Unfortunately for Mr. Ortega it looks he is the one who was Ortega’d. You see, after a short time after Ortega published the story on Mr. Steele it disappeared. A new post was published refuting the earlier post. Here is Ortega’s update.

Earlier today the Underground Bunker posted a story about a man named Corey Steele, who lives in Sherman Oaks — in the very apartment complex where a woman named Amy Scobee lives.

Amy was the subject of a recent episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, and she’s been experiencing a lot of harassment from the Church of Scientology. She’s been followed and photographed and her image has been plastered on anonymous attack websites that we believe are operated by Scientology.

And so when she saw that there was a man parked outside her apartment recently, spending hours in a red zone and looking in her direction, Amy believed she was being surveilled and photographed again by Scientology. When she went out to photograph the man and his car, she says that he reacted by filming her with his smartphone.

But Corey Steele tells us that he not only lives in the same complex as Amy — something we verified with the complex manager — but he says that he was simply parked there because he likes to sit there and make phone calls while he’s working. He was not there to film Amy, and he was not working for the Church of Scientology.

“I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I would never work for those guys,” he told us.

Corey works for a personal injury attorney, and he says he’s actually a really nice guy. He said being identified in our morning story was very stressful, and for that we apologize.

We completely understand why Amy is wary, given the years of harassment she has been through. Corey acknowledged that we had left a voice mail for him yesterday, and we’re sorry that we didn’t get a chance to talk to him then, or his colleague, attorney Ronald Norman. Again the Underground Bunker apologizes for the confusion.

If I may suggest something to Mr. Steele. You were not at the wrong place at the wrong time. You were simply around paranoid people who targeted you and lambasted you on the internet. It started on Twitter and then moved to Mr. Ortega’s blog where many other people started performing character assassinations of you. This situation reminds me of the time Reddit users went on a witchhunt to identify the suspects of the Boston Bombing. It is time for Mr. Ortega to understand that his words and his actions have consequences. One thing is for certain. Ortega’s and Scobee’s credibility just took a big hit. This isn’t the first hit by any means but it is an ever apparent black eye on both of them from this day forwards.


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