Almost a week ago we shared a story to r/scientology about Rod Keller’s attempts to stifle free speech. One of Rod’s fellow critics Chris Shelton stood up soon after to defend him.


Let’s clarify a few things since Chris Shelton appears to be aghast that someone could challenge his opinions.

  1. The information that we posted on Rod Keller is all public information available on the internet.
  2. Chris Shelton has never stood up and criticized Rod Keller for infiltrating and doxxing scientologists by befriending them with phony facebook accounts. On numerous occasions Chris has actually supported and laughed about Rod’s actions. A bit two faced of “The Critical Thinker At Large.”
  3. If there ever was an Ex Scientologist who continued to reg people for money outside of the church that person would be Chris Shelton. Continous attempts to get his viewers to support him with monthly donations and to buy his merch. I wonder if he will create a paywall in 2017 to monetize his videos.

Now let’s clarify a few things for Adam Burgess aka Echo1883.

  1. It didn’t go under the radar it was near the top of r/scientology because the viewers of the subreddit upvoted it.
  2. I do not feel that I owe anyone an explanation in the comments. You continue to push this idea that I must defend my stance on Reddit. I disagree.. If you choose to delete or shadow ban my threads while not doing this to others it will be taken up with your reddit overlords.
  3. Spam? Please allow me to compare.

Chris Shelton’s Reddit Post History:




My Reddit Post History:


Seems like my 5 posts to Shelton’s 50 or so promotional spam posts. I hope you enjoyed this continual walk through of hypocrisy that runs prevalent in the exScientologist community.


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