Recently Mike Rinder posted about the hypocrisy in the latest Freedom Mag release.

I enjoyed the post and thought that Mike made several good points but his failure to call out similar behavior in his own community really left a bad taste in my mouth. Mike is a member of Outer Banks and he has witnessed spying activities take place in that group. A number of people use fake accounts to follow and friend Scientologists in hopes of sharing their personal posts with a group like Outer Banks. Even the moderators of Outer Banks do this. Just this week a moderator shared a post a Scientologist made in Outer Banks and Tony Ortega added it to his daily post. A large portion of Tony Ortega’s posts come from people who are spying on his behalf. Rod Keller was the first person that I have profiled that has taken part in these activities. I hope that Mike Rinder would call out this issue in all arenas that he sees it and not turn a blind eye.



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