We received a recent post that was made in Outer Banks.  The post was made by Travers Harris and the post is about how Hubbard was wrong about the brain. The following post was sent to our twitter account.


Before joining staff I purchased levels 0 – 4 and my own e-meter at the Cape Town Org. I then joined staff and started auditing both staff and public. After completing my contract I joined the Sea Org. During my career in the SO I audited people in Europe, Africa and America and on the flag ship. I did not plan it this way but that’s how it happened.

After leaving Scientology I studied a lot about health and nutrition and studied with American doctors to become a Functional Health Coach but never completed because it was too expensive. Functional health and Functional Medicine is a quantum leap above current medical practice and is 20 to 30 years ahead of the conventional medical system. It does not use drugs or surgery but nutrition, exercise and also recognises other medical practices such as Homeopathy, Naturopathy and other practices such as yoga, meditation and would probably validate Scientology auditing up to a certain level but not the advanced levels such as OT3 and above. But it seems that I was destined to help others.

Today in our toxic world there are 2 types of medical practices, that is contagious and non- contagious diseases. The former has been mostly handled with antibiotics and drugs by the conventional medical system. So there is no longer a problem in that area. But in non-contagious disease, also known as non-communicable-disease and autoimmune disease including chronic disease, there are massive problems. In fact we have a pandemic of chronic disease affecting around 2.3 billion people world-wide. The bad news is that these non-communicable diseases do not respond to conventional medical practice such as drugs and surgery. Chemo is a very harsh practice and only handles the symptoms and not the cause. Cancer itself is not a disease it is a symptom of an underlying cause. All medical drugs used in conventional medicine suppress the immune system to stop it from attacking the areas of the body where these symptoms appear. Apparently, arthritis drugs, kills more people than AIDS.

I have audited many persons with depression, anxiety and similar with little effect. One such young lady just gave up on her auditing saying that the cost was making her anxiety even worse.

Depression, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neuron Disease, Alzheimer’s and Dementia are all Brain diseases. These diseases are all physical and need physical handling but the conventional medical have no answer. They do not respond to drugs, shock treatment or any conventional system or auditing. Alzheimer’s starts in the brain 30 to 50 years before the individual becomes aware of it and it can be handled with functional medicine, including all the other brain diseases if caught in time.

LRH, I recall in a lecture, stated that the brain is just a super shock absorber and has no other purpose. The truth of the matter is the brain is a highly intelligent organ. It does more than a million computations every second, and I may be incorrect on this as it could be as high as a hundred million computations per second and communicates to all your organs and cells 24/7. There is no computer, nor will there ever be one, that can compare with the human brain. What is Alzheimer’s? It is an attempt by the brain to protect itself from all the toxins, bugs, vaccines etc. by putting a layer of plaque surrounding the brain to protect the individual. Of course there is a lot more.

Take the murder of Lisa McPherson. She was desparately physically ill and should have received medical attention. But the brain deleted Miscavige decided to lock her up in a room and also give her the introspection rundown. He should have been put in jail or better still a mental institution.

There are more than a hundred chronic diseases which all have similar causes. You can view the list on my website at: http://natureperfect.info/autoimmunelist.pdf

From the 1950s disease started increasing at an alarming rate around the world. As mentioned earlier more than one third of our planet has been affected and it is increasing. Cancer, Heart disease, Brain Diseases, Autism and a lot more are spiraling.

Coincidental with this increase is when the food and medical industry band saturated fat from the human diet and introduced margarine and hydrogenated oils such as sunflower oil, corn oil and safflower oil into our diets. They claimed this was healthy fat. These fats are unhealthy and cause inflammation in the body.
Saturated animal fat, provided it is not contaminated with artificial hormones or fed on GMO grains is essential to the human diet. Olive oil, Coconut Oil, butter from grass fed cows and avocados are extremely healthy. As a matter of fact coconut oil has been classified a miracle cure for brain diseases.

LRH was very much into health while I worked with him in the SO. He often quoted the health Fundy’s of the time such as Bernard McFadden and Adelle Davis. He himself often took vitamin pills and ensured that the crew on the flag ship ate well. And that is why he created the Purif Rundown. But Health in the 21st century is very different from health in the 20th century.

For those interested in health you can view a lot more on my website at: http://natureperfect.info/


Some commenters were critical but others like Karen de la Carriere agreed with Travers.

If you are a member of Outer Banks and want to leak things please send a message to our Twitter account.


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