Remember when the rule in the Outer Banks was that you couldn’t talk about Marty. Well that’s apparently not true anymore. Here are a few posts that were leaked to us in which Outer Banks users say all kinds of things about him.

Sarah James Never fully trusted Martymark, but hoped he would do the right thing.
Like · Reply · 4 · March 9 at 6:50am
Karen Pressley Chances are that Martymark is pretty confused about what is right.
Like · Reply · 1 · March 9 at 7:34am
Karen De La Carriere This is Marty Rathbun’s executive waterfront home in Ingleside on the Bay Someone sent me a doc that Marty had done a $100,000 down payment.…/501-Sunset…/28908267_zpid/
Like · Reply · 2 · March 9 at 1:19pm · Edited
Marsha Ackland-Sorensen If the Rathbuns had indeed been paid off by the Cherch, wouldn’t the IRS be interested?
Like · Reply · March 12 at 11:39am
Peter Moon Marty is reported to have received a fairly substantial inheritance from his father several years ago, more or less date coincidence with this purchase. This has gone under reported whereas a lot of callous speculation has been done about it being the result of a payoff.
Like · Reply · 1 · March 12 at 2:02pm
 Sarah James Wonder if the sea org will do the remodel.

Ah the Outer Banks way. Ignore any suggestion that doesn’t align with what you already think

There was also this hilarious exchange where Karen was unable to tell if a hilariously fake news story was fake and Tony calls her out on.  I wonder how many drinks it would take to get Tony to admit that he loathes Karen but needs her as much as she needs him?

Karen De La Carriere I do not know if this is a valid photo or shooped (doctored) Posting it for LULZ only.

Len Zinberg It’s shopped, Karen. I Love to Lurk is famous for her shoops.
Like · Reply · March 9 at 1:19pm

Tony Ortega Karen, does that look like a real publication to you? That’s the same esmb shooper who put Marty in a sports car with cash flowing out the back.
Like · Reply · 1 · March 9 at 12:24pm

Could it be that Marty is an allowed subject now? Our sources say this change was never announced. Or is it possible that its allowed because Tony Ortega posted the story? Karen would never go against Tony whose audience is her only real fan base. Or maybe it’s because Karen is posting over at the Underground Bunker claiming to have given Marty a credit card to use. She’s always happy to allow a story that brings her more attention.

Either way it is clear that in the Outer Banks as in Scientology the rules are set to benefit one person. In the case of the Outer Banks that person is Karen de la Carriere.


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