We’ve received another leak from an Outer Banks member. This leak is a post made by Karen de la Carriere where she talks about the Bluebird motor home used by LRH.

Karen shared this with her secret group as fact and said that Ilove2lurk at ESMB posted it. Tony Ortega chimed in to correct her.

Tony Ortega: ILove2Lurk is the resident shooper at ESMB, Karen. Everything they do is fake. The Bluebird is in a garage at Int Base.

Karen de la Carriere: Thanks Tony Ortega for the clarification, well received.

Well received? You just fed your entire group a lie and couldn’t bother to google or look at the image closely to verify if it is real or not. Karen is a constant embarrassment to herself and the friends she keeps. We would like to thank our Outer Banks whistle blowers who leak information to us.


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