We have a cache of screenshots for you to today. They tell a troubling story of Outer Banks, Karen de la Carriere and others involved in the ex-scientology community. These images come to you from the Ministry of Flying Ducks Facebook group. Let’s hit all the major points.

Marisa Sigmond and other members of the Ministry of Flying Ducks further referred to as MFD scheduled a gathering in Portland. This event was shared to Outer Banks.

Remember Scott Gordon the former Outer Banks member who was kicked out of the group? He brings up that Karen has borrowed the worst feature of Hubbard’s cult – Control. Both current and former members of Outer Banks agree.

Another secret Facebook group was created for second generation ex-scientologists only. Karen threatened the other admins and told them that they better not steal any of her posts. Now ask yourself, if you were truly doing something to expose an evil cult why would you want to in effect copyright your posts so others can’t share them? At that point are you trying to get the word out or are you playing a long drawn out ego game?

Jimmy Kowski commented on Tony Ortega’s attempt to get Howdycon goers to start a fight with him on the Bunker so Tony had a reason to ban him. Jimmy went on to say that nobody did and Tony ended up using a shoop of his as the reason to ban him.

Jimmy Kowski was kicked out of Outer Banks by Karen de la Carriere. Jimmy posted the screenshots of the message exchange with Karen. From the message exchange it is obvious something else is pushing Karen to ban Jimmy from the group. She first tells him that he doesn’t need to know why he’s being removed and then she says that her darling Outer Banks members cannot take too much vulgarity. Jimmy pushed back and said that this smells like Tony Ortega has had some involvement. Karen then goes to her third made up reason to kick him which is now that she has received numerous complaints about his posts. At this point Jimmy makes it clear that he knows she is just making up excuses to cover for Tony. Jimmy added that after he was kicked from Outer Banks he was unable to post in SP’s R Us.

Marisa Sigmond comments on Karen’s deceitful nature of using the abuse stories of victims of Scientology but also auditing people for $200 an hour in secrecy.

Thanks for reading.



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