In my initial post I laid out how I infiltrated the Outer Banks with a fake Facebook account and was specifically let in by Karen de la Carriere. Since then my account has been kicked out and I’ve relied on leaks from members of the group who do not want to be revealed because they aren’t willing to put up with the hounding that will inevitably come from Karen if they are. I do not want to subject anyone to that but I also wanted to show that not much has changed at The Outer Banks. Karen is still running it like her very own private Sea Org. She consistently informs members that the group is safe thanks to its secrecy but she continues to let the wolves in.

I want to make it clear that the reason these leaks are possible is because Karen de la Carriere is too blinded by flattery and her own ego to vet new accounts even if they’re designed to be obviously fake.

So without further ado here is the current memberslist of The Outer Banks.

Here’s the current admins list:

That list looks like last time but Mark Plummer aka Karen’s Attack Dog left and came back as a mod just recently.

And just to show that nothing ever changes here is a fine sample of Karen using the group to feed her ego through likes and comments on irrelevant posts or introductions that she always makes rather than letting the person introduce themselves.

I have a tip for members of the Outer Banks and that is to stop feeding Karen’s ego when it’s putting you all at risk.

Please feel free to look at some of our most popular older leaks.

Welcome To the Outer Banks!

Ministry of Flying Ducks

Message Received

Careless Karen’s Collection

Steven Mango on Disconnection



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