From multiple sources within Outer Banks I learned that The Outer Banks experienced trouble yesterday when a rogue Facebook group was created and directed members to this site. I noticed an incredible traffic spike on all of my posts here. Multiple members of Karen de la Carriere’s troop contacted us yesterday on Twitter. I am glad to know that I now have a wider audience and I am grateful to the new leakers who have promised to send us more information on what’s going on inside the secret group. As promised here is our new leaker’s take on the group’s reaction to yesterday.

I have never seen more activity in Outer Banks until yesterday. Their were more than 3 threads going on about your website and the group that was created. All of the moderators are losing it and trying to hide their nervousness. You are right that this group censors people, I’ve experienced it first hand multiple times now. Mark Plummer is going to need a new keyboard because he was commenting every 30 seconds trying to get more information. Jeffrey Levine created a thread about this that had over 150 comments – the highest amount of comments on any thread in the group ever. Ur website has consumed the group and I have spoken with other members in private who agree with many of your points. Plz keep my name private because I know that Karen would send people after me for leaking information to you.

Thanks again to the person who sent this in. I always anonymize all of our sources so Karen’s OSA does not go after them. Do not be afraid to reach out.


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