Karen de la Carriere Hypocrisy

Karen de la Carriere’s hypocrisy has no limits. When Mike and I saw this thread we knew Karen was lying. She told us in the past she had married him because of his status.

Check out the thread here.



Karen always “knows”

Don’t you find it interesting that Karen de la Carriere knows everybody, talks to everybody and she is always in the “know”? She has her way, we have been told, to get people to talk. Well those pictures tell a thousand words.





Karen de la Carriere new attack dog

Chris Elston launched, on behalf of Karen de la Carriere, an attack against Mark Rathbun’s wife’s business. It appears that Elston, being from British Columbia, Canada, is not well informed about the legal ramifications for interfering with someone’s business.

Karen de la Carriere is known for paying people to go after anyone that stands up to her (under the guise that she is giving them money to “help” them). What most of her pawns do not know is that they are being paid with money that Karen makes by selling and “delivering auditing”, all tax free.

Here is the thread from Karen de la Carriere’s “secret” Facebook group, The Outer Banks:


Karen de la Carriere would have screamed bloody murder if someone had dared campaigning against her Thomas Kinkade art store.

Or what would Chris Elton say if someone would do that to him?

Chris Elston is also a hired attack dog for Leah Remini. He is one of the moderators of the Leah Remini Facebook hate club. We have been told that Leah doesn’t want to get caught doing the dirty work so she gets her paid minion, Mike Rinder, to make the necessary arrangements.

The Outer Banks Ringleaders

Meet The Outer Banks ringleaders:

Chris Shelton, Rod Keller, Jefferson Hawkins, Jeffrey Augustine, Brett Chance, Ronn Stacy, Karen de la Carriere and Emily Sawyer Chance.

According to people that have been kicked out de la Carriere is the grey eminence of the group.


Outer Banks Daily

A new source has started leaking just text of what iss happening in the Outer Banks. It seems to be the same useless chattering as always.

Tony Ortega shared a link.

It’s that time of year again. Once more, we’ll be counting down the final days of December to bring you a look back at the stories that rocked the Underground Bunker in the past twelve months, and to thank our great helpers and researchers and commenters. Please join the celebration as we prepare for another calendar change, today with the help of Bedsheet Jesus!


Dan Koon uploaded a file.

Back at Int/Gold, DM’s constant refrain was that if anyone left the base the best they could hope for was to be flipping burgers at McDonalds. I hope he sees our Christmas card for 2017.



Jeffrey Levine Actually. Flipping burgers is a step up from the sea org

Gene Trujillo

Gene Trujillo He is right that it is very tough to get a real job and start a career when all you have to put on your resume is having worked for him.

Yes, hamburger flippers actually get “exchange” for their labor, and I have never heard of McDonald’s forcing it’s workers to kill their babies to save on childcare costs.

Jeffrey Levine

Jeffrey Levine Hey my first job after I left made burger flipping look like a dream job.

Karen De La Carriere

Karen De La Carriere Yes Dan ! I was told that on my leaving routring form. That I would be flipping bergers at minimum wage. LOL. Flipping bergers indeed !

Claire Swazey

Claire Swazey One would make more, get more time off and get treated better at McDonald’s.

Claire Swazey

Claire Swazey I found out what restaurant mgrs make…wow. They put in a ton of hours but they make great money.

Dave Adams

Dave Adams At In-n-Out burgers here in California everyone starts at the bottom sweeping the parking lot (at about $10/hour) till they get moved up to cash register. Flipping the actual burgers pays around $16/hour.

They have a program that will let a person co

Nancy Hawkins

Nancy Hawkins Hey Dan! Awesome Christmas card. Sending best wishesfor your continued success.

Rosemarie Tropf

Rosemarie Tropf That’s your reward for flipping burgers. Lol. Wow. Dm must seethe with rage at your and Marietta success. Very Well Done 🤪😀😀😀👍

Ann Watson

Ann Watson Congratulations Dan, Marietta & doggies for a great 2017. May 2018 bring you all you desire. Pre ordered your book, cannot wait for the whole trilogy to be available…Love & Hugs 💛

Claire Swazey

Claire Swazey My husband knew a District Manager of a fast food place many years ago. Made 60k a year. In today’s money? Over 150k.

Dave Adams

Dave Adams Nice year Dan! Hope each one going forward is even better.

Merry Christmas to you and Marietta!

Karen De La Carriere

Karen De La CarriereHere is an image of Mariette Lindstein when she was a very senior executive at Int Base.

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