Arielle Silverstein: Wife of Hate Syndicate Boss Tony Ortega

Arielle Silverstein a.k.a. Ariel Silberstein a.k.a. Arielle Sarai Xenuwitz


We have explained why Tony Ortega hates the McClaughrys and now we are going to explain who Arielle Silverstein is.

Silverstein is an attorney (not licensed to practice in the United States) who works at the Ethics Office of the United Nations in New York City. She is the wife of the Hate Syndicate boss, Tony Ortega.

Silverstein is a member of several groups and Anonymous is one of them. Bozuri is her Anonymous moniker. She claims to be a “Jewish atheist” but she disparages any religion.

Some indies claim that Silverstein has been a source for Tony Ortega for many years dating back to when Ortega still had a job at the Village Voice – some say that she was feeding him tips in her capacity as UN employee.

Silverstein is a member of the Facebook hate group The Outer Banks, but there are other family members that belong to that group: Tony Ortega and his mother, Linda Anderson. It appears that hatred runs in the family.

Anthony Ortega Sr. was not found in the Outer Banks membership list.

Recently Tony Ortega posted this photo of himself drinking wine with one of his sources in Israel:

This triggered our curiosity and began a series of public records searches both in Israel and the United States. It turns out that Arielle Silverstein a.k.a. Ariel Silberstein is an active member of the Israeli Bar Association as you can see here:

We called the phone number that Silverstein has on record with the Bar, but surprisingly she didn’t answer the phone. Matan Tsabari, the son of Adi Saadia Tsabari who is Leonid Silverstein’s business partner (Arielle’s father), owns that phone number. Leonid Silverstein and Adi Saadia Tsabari are equal partners of A.L. Electricity Engineering Forever LTD since December 1996. Why would Arielle Silverstein use someone else’s phone number? How can she practice law in Israel when she is employed by the United Nations, presumably on a full time basis? Is she planning to leave the United Nations and move to Israel?

The public record search continued and we discovered that Arielle Silverstein has made over 2 million dollars Real Estates investments both in Israel and the United States.

Let’s take a look at the properties that were purchased by Silverstein.

Petah Tikva, Israel: purchased in 1994
Petah Tikva, Israel: purchased in 2013
Bushkill, Pennsylvania, USA: purchased in October 2013
Petah Tikva, Israel: apartment units purchased in July 2015
Scarsdale, New York, USA: purchased in December 2015

Considering that Silverstein is already supporting an unemployed husband and two children how can she afford buying so many properties with the United Nations salary? Or is it a tax scam? Time will tell.


John p Capitalist a.k.a. Brent Williams

John P Capitalist a.k.a. Brent C. Williams

We couldn’t help but notice that the individual who calls himself John P Capitalist made a series of mistakes in his public postings giving away who he really is.

John P Capitalist is Brent C. Williams who fancies himself as a Wall Street wizard (he is not).

We have some questions for the wizard:

1. If you are such a financial wizard why do you owe the State of California $4,936 and the IRS $228,838?

Case: 201211271612
Amount: $4,936
Debtor: Brent C Williams
Creditor: State of California

Case: 13478
Amount: $228,838
Debtor: Brent C Williams
Creditor: Internal Revenue Service

2. Did your ex take you to the cleaners for what you did to her?

3. If you owe that much to the IRS how were you able to purchase the below house for $325,500? (Photo courtesy of Google map):

But according to public records you live in this house (photo courtesy of Google map):

4. According to your Linkedin profile you worked for a number of companies, why weren’t you capable of keeping those jobs?

5. Are you denying this is you?

You are not very smart when you call yourself John P Capitalist anonymously but the URL of your Facebook page, as Brent Williams, is “Capitalist Poet” and in one of your comments you stated that you worked on Wall Street:

We can understand why you are a coward and afraid to post with your real name due to your association with convicted individuals, a prostitute, and what not.


Mark Plummer Begging for Money Again

Our overseas buddy was able to pass on some interesting information before getting banned again. It is very likely that the ban was ordered by Karen de la Carriere and executed by her Outer Banks thugs.

The subject of today’s blog is Mark Plummer, who has been begging for money most of his life. He claims to be an expert in many fields, yet he couldn’t keep a job if he ever tried to get one. He hits people up for money all the time and he tried with us too.

If Mark Plummer’s daughter is truly homeless why doesn’t he offer her shelter at his place? The answer is very simple he sees an opportunity to hit people for money. Are we sure that he is going to give it all to his daughter?

When Mark Plummer and his second wife, Katherine Plummer, were divorced in 1982, Plummer was supposed to pay $130 per month for their children. He failed to do so and in July 1998, the Los Angeles District Attorney brought a case against Mark Plummer for non-payment of child support. The District Attorney wanted him to pay $370 per month in child support. Plummer contended that (1) he was not sure if the child was his and (2) that he was unable to pay the amount being requested of him as he was unemployed for the previous seven years, living on social security and welfare. The question of whether the child was Mark Plummer’s child was never brought up in the divorce between Katherine and Mark in 1982.

Plummer’s third wife died in November 1987 and Plummer and his son from that marriage brought a lawsuit against the hospital for wrongful death. They both ended up receiving $98,684.95 after attorney’s fees were subtracted (the son’s amount was to be held in trust until he turned 18 – in 2002). The settlement was made in November 1989.

Following this, Mark Plummer purchased a house in Austin, Texas in March 1990. The house was in the range of $90,000.
However, despite having received the $98,000 settlement, Plummer did not pay child support for his son in California and remained a deadbeat dad.
In December 1992, Plummer filed bankruptcy under chapter 7. In this case, Plummer stated that he was on social security and food stamps.

Maybe now that this blog is out there Plummer will have no choice and will be forced to give all the money to his daughter. We really hope he does because we feel very sorry for what happened to her.


Amazing what you can find in court records.

Rod Keller

Rod Keller a.k.a. Roy Walker a.k.a. Rick Keller

Rod Keller likes to be a big shot when he is behind a computer screen (or perhaps the one belonging to Pepper Hamilton LLP) but a coward when he has to face the consequences of his hateful actions.

His boss, Tony Ortega, has given him a license to lie, infiltrate and stalk Scientologists (and indies) at will as long has Keller brings his master fabricated and sensationalized “stories” that he can post on his blog, regardless of the harm that both Ortega and Keller cause to their selected victims.

Rod Keller is obsessed with the children of Scientologists and he goes out of his way to cyber-stalk Scientologists (using false identities and pretending to be a Scientologist) and snatch photographs of their children. Every single day Keller scavenges Facebook and social media for those photographs.

He should spend more time keeping his own house in order.

Let’s just take a look at his wife Laura Keller a.k.a. Laura Benecke a.k.a. Laura Ragaini.

Laura Keller

Criminal Justice Center, Philadelphia, PA:
Charges: Burglary, criminal Tresspass break into structure, theft by unlawful taking-movable properties, receiving stolen property.
Sentence: Defendant placed on County Probation for 2 years. Defendant directed to pay restitution.

Charges: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving Under the Influence of Controlled Substance, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol & Controlled Substance, Adult Driving w/ BI Alcohol Level 10% Greater 1st Off., Careless Driving, Disregard Traffic Lane (Single)

Charges: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving Under the Influence of Controlled Substance, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol & Controlled Substance, Adult Driving w/ BI Alcohol Level 10% Greater 1st Off., Careless Driving, Disregard Traffic Lane

Note: Are you surprised why Rod Keller is against educating children of the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol?

Bucks County, Doylestown Courthouse, PA:
Plaintiff: Benecke, Richard Jr.
Defendant): Benecke, Laura
Case Type: Complaint in Divorce

Plaintiff: Benecke, James
Defendant: Benecke, Laura
Case Type: Petition for Support for one child

Plaintiff: Benecke, Richard Jr.
Defendant: Ragaini, Laura
Case Type: Petition for Support Filed for 2 Children

Plaintiff: Ragaini, Adam
Defendant: Ragaini, Laura
Case Type: Complaint in Divorce (reason for divorce Irretrievable Breakdown)

United States Bankruptcy Court:
Office: Philadelphia
County: Bucks-PA
Nature of debt: Consumer


Just wanted to give you some examples, and there are many in store, of the animosity people in the Outer Banks have against all Scientologists, no one excluded. Funny how Mareka Backus never talks about the many times she cheated on John Brousseau. Trust me it’s not a secret that John caught Mareka in bed with another guy. John left Mareka and dated Camilla but he dumped her and went back to Mareka. By August of that year Mareka and John were posting photos on Facebook showing that everything was good, but it wasn’t. She is still cheating on him. I’m talking about the same Mareka that Mike Rinder kicked out of his house, which caused quite a buzz among the indies.