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Tony Ortega attacked me and my husband without having any facts. What he wrote about us was pure fabrication.

We thought this video, even if it is produced by Freedom magazine, is very compelling and reflects what Ortega did against me.


Laugh with me

Today Karen de la Carriere wrote:

“We shake our heads is disbelief at the continuing hate pages made in retaliation for appearing on the Aftermath and the gross use of friends and family as character assassins. The Gold Base/Int base staff sometimes look like haggard POWs.”

Did you actually watch your own videos Karen? What about Jeffrey Augustine, the kept man, hate pages? And don’t get me started with the vitriolic comments you have made in your personal secret Facebook group, The Outer Banks. People  have left the Outer Banks because of your control issues and nasty temper. No one will ever tell you in your face because they don’t want to put up with your crap.

Really Karen, do you want  to talk about looks? Look in the mirror you hypocrite.

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Tony Ortega’s obsession

Arielle Silverstein and Tony Ortega

There is no question that Tony Ortega is obsessed with Scientology. He stalks and harasses Scientologists and any ex-Scientologist that doesn’t agree with his propaganda. His wife, Arielle Silverstein, helps him out with the research while working for the United Nations.

The Observer had the following to say at the time Ortega was fired by the Village Voice:

The Village Voice’s EIC Tony Ortega announced in a blog post today that he is leaving the troubled alt-weekly to “pursue a book proposal about Scientology in its time of crisis.” Mr. Ortega attributed his departure to a desire to turn his “465 blog posts about Scientology” into a book that prompted him to make the jump, but sources with knowledge of the situation tell The Observer Mr. Ortega’s exit from the Voice was not his decision.  Though writing about Scientology may be Mr. Ortega’s life preserver, a former staffer told us his relentless pursuit of scoops on the controversial church may have been a distraction during his final months at the paper. “He was increasingly obsessed with Scientology and had neglected almost all of his editorial duties at the paper,” the ex-staffer said. “Sometimes he wouldn’t even edit features.”

Why is Arielle Silverstein still employed by the United Nations?

Arielle Silverstein wearing her Anonymous t-shirt

Why are we asking this question?

Arielle Silverstein was part of a cover up of the UN French troops raping children in North Africa by delaying the appeal of a UN employee who was blowing the whistle about the cover up. Tony Ortega was nowhere to be seen reporting about the African children getting raped. 

Arielle Silverstein was a researcher for Tony Ortega when he was the editor in-chief of the Village Voice. They are now married.

Tony Ortega, Arielle Silverstein and Linda Anderson (Ortega’s mother) are members of the Outer Banks a secret Facebook group populated by people with no life and controlled by a retired prostitute.

Arielle Silverstein is a member of Anonymous (also see above Silverstein’s photo).

Wait to see what else we discovered …